Module 3: Interprofessional Education


Module 3 focuses on the indicators of competency 4, which examines the knowledge and skills related to the use of simulation in interprofessional education and on collaboration with other health professionals in providing simulation-based experiences to interprofessional groups of learners.

Audience: Nurse educators using simulation in nursing education programs

Delivery: Online (Zoom & Moodle)

Timeframe: 8 weeks

Please note that participation in all live webinars is a course requirement.


  • June 6-July 18, 2023
  • Tuesdays, 7-9pm EDT
  • Final Exam:
    • July 25, 2023 at 7pm EDT

Competency Indicators

4. Collaborates with educators from other health professions to develop and implement simulation-based experiences

  • articulates theoretical foundations and essential elements of interprofessional education and team behaviour as it relates to simulation-based pedagogy
  • recognizes the opportunities presented by simulation for interprofessional education and for the development of effective team behaviour
  • understands and respects learning and educational cultures of other health professions
  • collaborates with educators from other health professions in designing authentic, challenging, and reality-based simulation scenarios
  • collaborates with educators from other health professions in implementing simulation-based experiences
  • facilitates appropriate team-based debriefing strategies and feedback following interprofessional simulation-based experiences
  • identifies and addresses potential barriers and effective strategies to interprofessional simulation-based experiences

Required Course Textbook

Campbell, S., Luctkar-Flude, M., Harder, N., & Tyerman, J. (Eds.). (2023). Simulation in Canadian Nursing Education. Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing.