CASN Certification Exams

CASN offers a series of certification exams, each leading to a prestigious designation!

Certifications are awarded to successful candidates represents a national mark of excellence in the different areas within nursing education.

Certification communicates to academic institutions, faculty, students, and the community that the nurse educator has achieved and maintains a high academic standard in this area of nursing education.

Those candidates who are successful on a Certification exam earn the associated Canadian Certified designation recognized by Canadian schools of nursing, and the exclusive right to include it in their professional signature.


Once you have successfully completed the exam, your certification designation is valid for five years.  Following the five years, your option for certification renewal is to submit an e-portfolio with the required components (as outlined in the exam handbook) or rewrite the certification exam. To recertify by submitting an e-portfolio, please click here to upload your documentation and pay the recertification fee.