Mission Statement

The Canadian Nurse Educators Institute (CNEI) cultivates excellence in nursing education in Canada.

The mandate of the Canadian Nurse Educators Institute (CNEI) is to develop and provide quality professional development opportunities for nurse educators, and graduate and doctoral students in Canada. All offerings of the institute are grounded in the Canadian context with the Canadian perspective.

The CNEI provides nurse educators with a variety of opportunities to continually enhance their practice. These opportunities include evidence-based certificate programs, continuing education courses, expert webinars, academic retreats, and other online and in-person options.

The CNEI incorporates all of CASN’s current and future professional development opportunities under one platform that supports scholarship and facilitates the growth of a national community of practice and learning.

The CNEI targets the needs of current and prospective nurse educators who are interested in professional development opportunities related to nursing education, cutting-edge teaching and learning strategies, and in benefiting from experienced nurse educators teaching at the baccalaureate and graduate levels.