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CASN Nurse Residency ProgramFrom advanced beginner to competent registered nurse (RN) – CASN’s national residency program for RNs integrates nursing graduates into health care delivery, creating a more sustainable workforce.

CASN’s Nurse Residency Program is the first of its kind offered in Canada. The research component will provide valuable evidence on the effectiveness of nurse residency programs in easing the transition of newly licensed registered nurses into their professional roles.


A residency program for RNs integrates competent, emotionally resilient, and retainable nursing graduates into a sustainable workforce.

Learn more about the research component from Dr. Judy Duchscher in this short video:


The 6-month Competency-Based Residency Program begins with a 5-day orientation provided by the health care institution, followed by a full preceptorship of the new graduate over an 11-week period. For the last 3 months of the program, the preceptor-mentor provides as-needed information and support to the new graduate while they acclimatize to a full workload. During the six months, CASN provides virtual workshops to the new graduates.

There is also a required asynchronous, virtual Preceptor-Mentor Training Program for staff nurses over a 3-month period before the program starts. This course may be taken during non-working hours.

Cost – **LIMITED Free spaces available**

Costs for the Program (Curriculum, Workshops, Preceptor-Mentor Training, and Competency-based Evaluation Rubrics): starts at $10,000 annually, plus $200 per preceptor-mentor course attendee.

**Normally, program costs will be paid by the Health Institution (the employer), however, a recently awarded Health Canada contribution agreement will cover the cost for the first 15-20 employers to participate in the CASN Residency Program and evaluation research project. Apply for free* now!

*This does not cover the preceptor-mentor release time costs. There is no cost to nursing graduates. See Program Partners for more details.

Program Partners


Interested Government


Interested Health Institution


Interested Preceptor

Reduce nursing shortages by supporting a national competency-based residency program for new RNs Grow a retainable nursing workforce through a partnership with CASN to deliver the residency program Build nursing capacity and competence by developing skills through the CASN preceptor-mentor training program
Government role

Assisting health care institutions with funding for the residency program.

Health Institution role

Providing a new grad orientation to the institution and assigning the preceptor/mentor.

Preceptor role

Teaching, supervising, coaching, mentoring, and supporting the new grad as they progressively take on a full patient assignment.

Additional Program Details

  • The delivery model for the program is a partnership between the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) and health care institutions who wish to use it for the new graduates they hire.
  • The hospital sector was chosen to participate initially in the nurse residency program because it is where most RNs are first hired.
  • Developed for new baccalaureate nursing graduates, it can be easily adapted for licensed practical nurses.
  • The program is available and can be delivered in both French and English.
  • The program is offered in a flexible manner to meet the healthcare institution’s recruitment schedule and the preceptor’s shift work schedule.

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CASN Nurse Residency Program