Participants will learn about the nature of scholarship, the skills required in order to carry it out, personal and institutional challenges, opportunities and supports to build capacity of scholarship.

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Course Audience

This introductory-level webinar series provides new and experienced faculty members and nursing education administrators in all academic environments who are unfamiliar with Boyer’s model of scholarship and CASN’s scholarship policies with definitions, information, resources, and strategies that will assist in the development of scholarship.

Course Objectives / Themes

  1. Define the term “scholarship” in relation to the Boyer model;
  2. Assess personal progress and set personal goals in building capacity in the four areas of scholarship;
  3. Identify the skills that are required in order to conduct scholarship projects (identify research areas, build partnerships, obtaining seed money for projects, joining and working with a team, writing proposals, peer review, etc.);
  4. Identify challenges, opportunities and strategies to develop the scholarship your educational unit; and,
  5. Plan strategies to meet the challenges, to act on the opportunities and to build capacity with respect to scholarship.

Course Delivery

ONLINE: Moodle & Zoom

Course Instructor


For more information please contact Karem Langer, via email