Scholarship of Discovery

Course Dates:


Course Description:

This webinar series provides nursing educators in non-research intensive academic environments with definitions, information, resources, and strategies that will assist in the development of scholarship of discovery. Participants will learn about the nature of scholarship of discovery, the skills required in order to carry it out, personal and institutional challenges, opportunities and supports to build capacity of scholarship of discovery.


Educators in non-research intensive academic environments. The course complements and builds on CASN’s previously offered scholarship courses and can also stand alone.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Define the term “scholarship of discovery” in relation to the Boyer model.
  2. Assess personal progress and set personal goals in building capacity in the scholarship of discovery
  3. Identify the skills that are required in order to conduct scholarship of discovery projects (identify research areas, build partnerships, obtaining seed money for projects, joining and working with a team, writing proposals, peer review, etc.)
  4. Identify challenges, opportunities and strategies to develop the scholarship of discovery in a non-research intensive educational unit.
  5. Plan strategies to meet the challenges, to act on the opportunities and to build capacity in the scholarship of discovery
    Course Delivery: Three real-time classes utilizing Adobe Connect and Dialogue Teleconferencing. Participant communications will be supported using a discussion forum and other applications through Moodle’s learning platform. Learners will be required to have access to a library for course readings.

Course Workload:

It is anticipated that learners will be required to submit two short learning activities, participate weekly in the discussion forum, and to prepare for class by completing the required readings.

Course Instructor

Dr. Lois Berry, Assistant Professor & Associate Dean, College of Nursing Northern Campus, University of Saskatchewan

Registration Fee: $250