The Art of Debriefing in Simulation Based Learning

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The CASN Simulation Interest Group presents a webinar looking at the tools and techniques of debriefing.

As simulation-based education has grown as an accepted method of teaching in nursing education, so too has the need for structured and meaningful debriefings. Debriefing is an integral and critical part of the simulation-based learning process, in this webinar we will explore the methods of debriefing and give participants a selection of usable tools and strategies that they can use to create their own debriefing toolboxes.

Elizabeth Horsley, CASN Simulation Interest Group member and debriefing expert.

Leslie Graham, RN MN CNCC CHSE, Chair of the CASN Simulation Interest Group.

Target Audience:
Novice debriefers

Date:    Tuesday, January 24th, 2017