Module 4: Evaluation and Scholarship

PLEASE NOTE: It is strongly recommended that participants have taken previous modules before taking Module 4.


Module 4 focuses on competencies 5 and 6, which address the post-experience phases of a simulation-based experience. Participants will demonstrate their knowledge of appropriate evaluation of participants and the simulation-based learning activity. They will also show how a nurse educator with expertise in simulation participates and contributes to the larger learning simulation instructor community, both in Canada and globally.


(There are two offerings of this course on Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Starts September 24, 2024

Tuesdays, 7-9 pm EST/EDT

  • 4 live sessions
  • 2 asynchronous weeks
  • 1 module exam (final week)

Starts September 26, 2024

Thursdays, 7-9 pm EST/EDT

  • 4 live sessions
  • 2 asynchronous weeks
  • 1 module exam (final week)

Competency Indicators

5. Draws on foundational theories and simulation pedagogy when teaching simulation

  • articulates the appropriate use of formative, summative, and high-stakes evaluations in simulation-based experiences
  • evaluates participants as directed by the objectives/outcomes and intent of the simulation
  • develops appropriate evaluation instruments for outcome measurement
  • shares clear, appropriate, constructive, and timely formative feedback during and after simulation to support learning
  • provides discrete, constructive, and timely summative feedback in a safe learning environment using standardized formats

6. Designs effective simulation scenarios

  • appraises research and evidence in simulation practice for use in teaching and clinical simulations
  • supports the mentorship of nurse educators in simulation practice
  • advances simulation knowledge through participating in simulation projects and/or research activities
  • disseminates information related to implementations and innovations in simulation pedagogy to the health professional community

Audience: Nurse educators using simulation in nursing education programs.


  • Participants must be a nurse registered in their jurisdiction
  • A graduate degree in nursing is recommended but not required; expectations are similar to those of a graduate-level course.

Delivery: Online (Zoom & Moodle)
Timeframe: 8 weeks
Please note that participation in all live webinars is a course requirement.

Required Course Textbook

Campbell, S., Luctkar-Flude, M., Harder, N., & Tyerman, J. (Eds.). (2023). Simulation in Canadian Nursing Education. Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing.