Clinical Teaching in Canadian Nursing

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As a practice-based profession, clinical learning experiences play an important role in supporting nursing students toward developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to work in a wide range of practice settings and specialty areas. The role of the clinical instructor is to facilitate students’ progress and to prepare them to meet entry-to-practice competencies.

To fulfil that role, clinical instructors need to extend their expertise as practitioners to also become effective educators. They must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum students are required to follow at both the program and course level. They must also understand the policies, procedures, and everyday tasks implemented in the clinical areas where they teach students. As key members of both academic communities and practice communities, clinical instructors are required to establish collaborations among their students, their faculty colleagues, and the health professionals they encounter in clinical placements.

Straddling the complexities of being a clinical instructor is not easy. This innovative text provides essential theoretical and practice-focused information for clinical instructors teaching in nursing programs in Canada as they learn to navigate this multifaceted role. Written by experts in clinical teaching from across Canada, this textbook will be of value to both those new to clinical instruction and those who have years of experience but are interested in continually improving their pedagogical knowledge and skills. Topics range from the historical context of practice-based learning to clinical teaching in various settings including acute care and community. The role of the clinical instructor, the pedagogy of clinical teaching, clinical judgment and reasoning in the clinical setting, and clinical evaluation are all discussed. Finally, the legal and ethical dimensions of clinical instruction are reviewed, and case examples are provided. This content reflects the Canadian Association Schools of Nursing standards for excellence for undergraduate clinical instructors. Throughout the book, emphasis is placed on the positive impact an educator’s own commitment to lifelong learning can have on the clinical instructor’s role.

Table of Contents

  1. Historical Context of Practice-based Learning by Cynthia Baker
  2. Role of the Clinical Instructor by Sherri Melrose
  3. Pedagogy of Clinical teaching by Beth Perry
  4. Cognitive Skill Development by Patrick Lavoie & Marie-France Deschênes
  5. Practice-based Learning in Acute Care Settings by Kariane Holmes
  6. Practice-based Learning in Community Placements by Ruth Schofield & Genevieve Currie
  7. Formative and Summative Clinical Evaluation by Karin Page-Cutrara
  8. Legal and Ethical Dimensions of Clinical Instruction by Kathleen Leslie, Catharine Schiller, & Melissa Raby


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