Canadian Certified Clinical Instructor Exam


Spring: 2020

Fall: October 11-12, 2019 (Registration closes September 25, 2019)

A sitting of the exam is offered twice a year, in the spring and fall.


Certification for the clinical instructor represents a national mark of excellence in educating nursing students in the clinical setting, to ensure they are adequately prepared with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to work in a wide-range of practice settings and specialty areas, and meet the entry-to-practice competencies. It communicates to institutions, students, and the community that the clinical instructor has achieved and maintains a high academic standard in this area of nursing practice. Those candidates who are successful on the CCCI exam will earn the Canadian Certified Clinical Instructor designation, including the right to include it in their signature, and the CCCI pin.

The primary goal of the CCCI certification is to promote high-quality clinical instruction in Canada by fostering excellence among clinical instructors teaching nursing students in the clinical setting.

CCCI certification recognizes knowledge and expertise related to their role in monitoring and evaluating students in clinical settings; developing good patient assignments; mentoring and coaching students; and creating a positive learning environment for students.


The requirements for eligibility to write the CCCI Exam are as follows:

  1. The candidate must be a registered nurse with a current licence in their province or territory.
  2. The candidate must hold, at minimum, a baccalaureate degree OR have successfully completed the Canadian Clinical Instructor Certificate Program, offered by CASN.
  3. The candidate must have a minimum of three years of clinical instructing experience OR successfully completed the Canadian Clinical Instructor Certificate Program.
  4. The candidate must have completed professional development courses in clinical education. NB: Completion of the Canadian Clinical Instructor Certificate Program satisfies this requirement.
  5. The candidate must pay the exam fees.

Exam Booklet

For more information, please review the CCCI Exam Booklet.