The Role of the Nurse Educator in Canada (En anglais seulement)

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Téléchargez Chapter 14 Truth and Reconciliation: A Path for Reform in Nursing Education, par Bernice Downey

This comprehensive text offers essential information for excelling in the Canadian academic nurse educator role. Experienced academic educators, as well as novice instructors in nursing education, will find foundational and current practice concepts that include philosophy, learning theories,  course and curriculum development, program evaluation, teaching-learning strategies, simulation, interprofessional and intraprofessional approaches, diversity and the indigenous learner, assessment and evaluation techniques, leadership, mentorship, and scholarship. The content reflects the Canadian Association Schools of Nuring (CASN) standards for excellence for undergraduate and undergraduate academic nurse educators and assists the reader with preparing for the Canadian Certified Nurse Educator (CCNE) Certification examination.

The respected contributors from across Canada share research and evidence and provide essential teaching approaches in this landmark text. Each chapter includes learning outcomes and helpful graphics and tables. The theoretical and practice-focused content recognizes the specialized practice of nursing education knowledge and expertise. The text supports the achievement of nurse educator competencies and fosters excellence in this role in Canada.

Table des matières

Introduction: Competencies of the Nurse Educator in Canada by Karin Page-Cutrara and Patricia Bradley

Part I: Teaching Philosophies and Theories

  1. Philosophies Informing Nursing Education by Florence Myrick & Jacinthe Pepin
  2. Learning Theory: Considerations for Nurse Educators by Bernie Garrett
  3. Integration of Philosophies and Theories in Teaching Practice by Jacinthe Pepin & Florence Myrick

Part II: Curriculum and Design

  1. Designing and Developing a Nursing Course by Karin Page-Cutrara
  2. Nursing Curriculum: Development and Design by Janet Landeen
  3. Evaluation and Accreditation of Nursing Programs in Canada by Mina Singh

Part III: Teaching-Learning Strategies (Teaching Meaningful Courses)

  1. Updating the Traditional Classroom by Sandra Goldsworthy, with Natasha Kenny, D’Arcy Norman, & Patrick Kelly
  2. Alternative Classroom Strategies by Maureen A. Barry
  3. Clinical Nursing Education in the Canadian Context by Cynthia Baker
  4. Simulation Approaches by Marian Luctkar-Flude
  5. Classroom Assessment and Evaluation Techniques for Nursing by Cynthia Baker & Patricia Bradley

Part IV: Current Trends in Nursing Education

  1. Interprofessional Education by Hope Bilinski
  2. The Online Classroom: Local and Global Perspectives by Beth Perry
  3. Truth and Reconciliation: A Path for Reform in Nursing Education by Bernice Downey

Part V: Scholarship Development in Nursing Education

  1. Teaching Portfolio by Netha Dyck & June Anonson
  2. Scholarship by Lois Berry
  3. Leadership and Mentorship by Linda Ferguson

Appendix: Canadian Certified Nurse Educator (CCNE) Competencies


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