How to Apply

Admission Criteria

To be named a Fellow of the Canadian Nurse Educator Institute, the candidate will have provided evidence of their enduring and substantial contributions to nursing education, over a minimum of the last 10 years, in the following ways:

  1. Leadership in teaching and learning
  2. Active promotion of excellence in faculty development
  3. A program of research in nursing education and nursing education scholarship

In addition, successful candidates must show evidence of sustained excellence in at least three of the following areas:

  • Nursing education policy at a regional or national level
  • Nursing education administration
  • Mentoring students and peers
  • Curriculum development and design
  • Innovative teaching and learning strategies
  • Accreditation


  • Any current or former faculty member or administrator engaged in educational scholarship and activities of a CASN member school.
  • Any Registered Nurse educator in Canada who can demonstrate they meet the nomination criteria with a level of excellence.
  • Outstanding individuals, who are not Registered Nurses, who contribute to the education of nurses, may also be considered.
  • Any international nurse educator or administrator, who demonstrates they meet the nomination criteria with a level of excellence as it applies to the Canadian nursing context, may also be considered.

Selection Process

  • Fellows are selected by a CNEI Selection Committee of the Fellows and a representative of the CNEI Advisory Board.
  • Annual admissions (named in September, inducted at Council in November).
  • Up to three nominees can be admitted every year.

Application Timeline and Fees

  • January-June 2019: Applications are accepted
  • June 2019: Applications forms will be sent to the CNEI Selection Committee for review.
  • August-September 2019: The Selection Committee meets to discuss all applications. Recommendations are sent to the CNEI Advisory Board
  • September 2019: The CNEI Advisory Board will act on recommendations regarding new Fellows.
  • September-October 2019: All candidates are notified of the outcome of the review process

***For the 2019 cycle, there will be no application fees. Fees may be introduced in future years to off-set program administration costs.