2019 Fellows Announcement

The Advisory Board of the Canadian Nurse Educator Institute (CNEI) is very pleased to announce that the 2019 CNEI Fellows are:


Dr. Linda Ferguson of University of Saskatchewan and Dr. Maura MacPhee of University of British Columbia

In order to recognize the caliber of their work and contributions to nursing education in Canada over the course of their careers, Dr. Ferguson and Dr. MacPhee will be honoured and inducted this November at the 2019 CASN Council meeting.

Dr. Ferguson and Dr. MacPhee will join the Fellows and Inaugural Fellows of the Canadian Nurse Educator Institute (CNEI). Congratulations to them both!


Dr. Linda Ferguson, University of Saskatchewan

Linda Ferguson is Professor Emeritus in the College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan, having recently retired in December 2018. She has a 50-year career as a nurse educator, and as she indicates, she is not finished yet. She recently served as Acting Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs, and has a long career as a nurse educator, teaching both classroom and clinical courses. Over the past 29 years, she has taught educational methods courses at the undergraduate and master levels, and nursing theory and philosophy in the master and PhD programs. She previously taught for 20 years in the diploma RN program at SIAST. She uses engaging pedagogy with her students, using research evidence to support educational decisions. She has strongly supported scholarly teaching, and has mentored other faculty and students in their pedagogical endeavours, receiving awards for her pedagogical innovation. She has developed and chaired an annual conference for part-time clinical teachers, with a focus on their continued development in clinical teaching. She has supervised a large number of masters and PhD students, and has served as external examiner of PhD student dissertations at a number of universities.

Her undergraduate, master, and PhD study are in nursing, and she has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Continuing Education. She has worked extensively in the field of faculty development within the College of Nursing and the University of Saskatchewan. She has chaired the college Teaching Effectiveness Committee for many years and served on the campus-wide instructional development committee, participating in development of university policy and documents for teaching effectiveness. She was involved in the development of the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Excellence, serving on the advisory board for a number of years and presenting a number of workshops on classroom teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning. She served on Academic Council for many years, and participated in/chaired a number of university committees. From 2010 to 2016, she was the elected faculty representative on the University of Saskatchewan Board of Governors.

Her research expertise is in the area of qualitative research on nursing education and workplace learning in professional practice. Her research has focused on mentorship and preceptorship, pedagogical innovations, the integration of internationally-educated nurses into Canadian healthcare, continuing education needs of precepting nurses, and teaching excellence in nursing education and interprofessional education. She is sought out by practice authorities, regulators and government for advice in these areas and has served on a committee addressing areas related to her research.

She was a member at large on the CASN board from 2008 to 2012, then serving as president-elect and president (2012-14). She has served on or chaired a number of the CASN committees, including serving as Chair of GANES, the Global Alliance for Leadership in Nursing Education and Science and representing CASN at national and international events. She has been involved in a number of initiatives focused on educational guidelines, student competencies, scholarship of teaching and learning, and accreditation. standards. She continues to serve as a CASN accreditation site reviewer.


Maura MacPhee, University of British Columbia

Locally, nationally and internationally, Professor Maura MacPhee is known for her innovative approaches to nursing leadership education. Maura has been at UBC School of Nursing since 2004, where she has held leadership roles such as Associate Director of the undergraduate program and advisor for the Master of Nursing program. Maura is an integral member of several campus-wide education initiatives, including the Centre for Teaching and Learning Technology, the Carl Weiman Science Education Initiative, and the UBC Experiential Learning Consortium. She is recognized across UBC as a champion for teaching and learning advancement, proudly representing nursing in major university-wide interprofessional health education and educational leadership initiatives.

One of Maura’s passions is leadership development. Maura’s work in leadership development began almost 15 years ago when she served as academic and research lead for the BC Nursing Leadership Institute (NLI): a ground-breaking collaboration between the provincial Nursing Directorate, the chief nursing officers and UBC School of Nursing. During its 5-year funding period, over 450 novice nurse leaders participated in the NLI, a curriculum founded on nurse empowerment strategies.

Nationally, Maura’s expertise in leadership education is manifest in the many book chapters she has edited for Canadian nursing leadership textbooks and her collaboration on the development of an open access online nursing leadership textbook with colleagues from the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina. Maura has held over $400,000 in competitive higher education research funding, receiving prestigious Canadian education awards, including the Ted Freedman Innovation in Education award and the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education award. Recently, she represented nursing on the Global Health Canadian University Collaborative, a health disciplines network of Canadian universities specializing in health leadership education.

Internationally, Maura is an advisory board member and one of the founding faculty for Sigma Theta Tau International’s global health leadership initiative. She has been a high-profile partner on nursing leadership development projects in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Brazil. In Hong Kong she was lead faculty and deputy director for the Chinese University of Hong Kong-UBC International Centre on Nursing Leadership, and she worked with the Koo Foundation Sun-Yat Sen Cancer Centre of Taiwan to establish nursing leadership programs that have spread throughout the country with support from the Taiwanese Nursing Association. She is currently collaborating with Brazilian nurse educators from the University of Sao Paulo to create a virtual leadership development network between academics from UBC and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

To learn more about Dr. MacPhee’s research and publications, visit:  https://nursing.ubc.ca/our-people/maura-macphee